Eat It or Yeet It #10 - DATE NIGHT!

Հրապարակվել է 11 Փտր % Yթ.-ին
It’s date night at the Eat It or Yeet It table, and Garrett’s whipped up some extra special treats for our favorite couples this Valentine’s Day!
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  • Peter looks like the flash

  • 2020 Garret was infected with the coronavirus (Redditors, Kung Flu) in this episode, you gotta forgive him!

  • I can't be the only person who thinks Mari and her husband are both insanely hot.

  • i don’t know if it’s just me, but Peter kind of looks like Grant Gustin

  • "you broke an Italian?!" My fave line I stg

  • Mari:GARRET, YOU DIDN'T EVEN TOAST IT Garrett:you don't deserve toasted bread!


  • i think the true couple is Olivia and that tracksuit

  • *it’s okay, love is to share* Awwwww 🥺😭❤️

  • Claudio is so wholesome and sweet omg

  • Are they really getting married

  • do this again with lasercorn and brina

  • Is that your real boyfriend

  • That’s Jeff from Goldberg’s

  • Who else dislikes that Sarah has a bf that isn't Shane

  • claudio is a GEM

  • Mari's guy looks like grant gustin

  • Oh my! is that JEFFERY! FROM THE GOLDBERGS!!!!

  • Omg Olivia is dating Sam Lerner


  • Garrett is like the “Ross from GameGrumps” of Smosh

  • Claudio is a while vibe


  • 0:40 Sarah: all the asian girls have brought their white boyfriends As an asian girl with a white boyfriend I have never laughed so hard

  • Spaghetti but instead of tomato sauce it’s puréed strawberries

  • sexy

  • I'm 99% sure that Courtney and Damien are together. I'm gonna comment this on every single video that comes out until Smosh addresses this

  • I love how they’re all trying to compete who’s the better couple

  • So Sarah has been on Spelling Bee-kini Wax, when is Courtney going to have to play Eat It or Yeet It??

  • Is it just me or does Mari’s husband look kinda like Grant Gustin from the Flash?

  • Wait... there's two asians?!

  • JTP

  • Eat it or yeet it twinkie edition

  • The intro should have Been “Garrett love torturing us!” 😂

  • wait is Sarah Asian?

  • Hot ones The Last Dab sauce with anything really

  • Hot Dog Juice Ice-cream or as a drink by itself or mixed with something

  • I never know if Sam is actually angry or doing a bit

  • I think as punishment for Garrett he should be on Spelling Bikini wax

  • shout out to the asian girls, let the lights dim sum

  • Yeet mah feet

  • Surprisingly shayne and courtney aren't up there

  • doesn't garrett work for mr beast too?

  • I love this series so much!!! 💗💗😂😂 and I have an idea for it: •You should play a version where if you yeet it you have to keep the bib on and keep playing but if you eat it you can take the bib off and are safe.

  • 8:20 *gotta take a big bite* 😈😈😈 Olivia: GARRETT? *TAKE A BIG BITE TAKE A BIG BITE* 😡😡😡😡

  • Sarah: I don’t think it’s been messed with Sarah : ................... it’s so spicy

  • I want another eat it or yeet it

  • I'm sorry I had to... Close your eyes at 11:57

  • 2:34 it looks like courtney has one blue eye and one brown eye

  • I feel we needed some one there by themselves like it shows the couple's then it's just "Damien" sitting there alone

  • Wait I know I forgot his name but one is from Goldberg’s the tv show

  • The life point counter🤣🤣🤣🙃

  • Man Jeff is cheating on Erica

  • Y'all forgot the best couple, shayne and damien!

  • lov claudio

  • you should do a vid with dope or nope

  • "It Smells Like Poop" Olivia: Its Good

  • Garrett throughout the entire eat it or yeet it series: DONT BE SHY PUT SOME MORE!!!!!!!

  • All asin girls brought their white BFs