Galaxy Z Flip vs. Motorola Razr: no contest

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Dieter Bohn brought Motorola’s flip phone to Samsung’s big event to compare it to the Z Flip. Every mistake the Razr makes - and they are myriad - the Z Flip avoids. Samsung’s foldable doesn’t creak, likely has better cameras, has a bigger battery and wireless charging, a faster processor, and a glass screen.
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The biggest announcements from Samsung’s Galaxy S20 event:
Samsung’s Galaxy S20 and S20 Ultra hands-on:
Galaxy Z Flip hands-on:
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  • Jerryrig scratched that screen with his fingernail

  • Very bias review, he must be paid by Samsung, as I don't trust journalists and you can feel it, tell me if not

  • The background music in this video made it difficult to hear him. Turn it down!

  • Jesus these are both offensively expensive

  • Why does your fingernail not scratch it but every other you tuber does? And it’s “glass” covered by plastic so it’s essentially not glass.

  • Watching this video on my z flip just got it today!

  • The Galaxy Z flips screen still has a plastic cover which is shown on the durability test by jerry rigs everything

  • ZFlip isn't even glass! And brushes don't keep dust out!

  • Your right no contest: RAZR WINS

  • This would be awesome to run a gameboy emulator on


  • The screen of the galaxy Z flip is NOT glass

  • I do not like foldable phones. In my opinion it is a useless feature.

  • All you had to do is watch flossy review

  • R.I.P Razr (2019~2020)

  • i want Galaxy Z Flip

  • gula campur tempe..

  • To bad the glass screen is a lie.

  • The Z flip DOES NOT have a glass screen.

  • Samsung Z Fold looks a lot like a GameBoy Advance SP when closed

  • "Hello Moto" *Samsung Galaxy Z Flip released "Goodbye Moto"

  • It wouldn't be a big deal but it was Samsung that sold you the idea that it has bendable ( glass ) on it what a joke

  • that crease in the middle of the screen is hideous. Moto wins

  • Samsung Z flip does not have a glass screen, it is plastic. Get the information right. Just watch jerryRigEverything durability test on the Samsung Z flip.

  • It's not glass, watch the jerry rig everything video

  • Idiots believe anything they hear. IT IS NOT GLASS, it scratches just as easy as plastic

  • I hope apple will follow

  • Escobar fold 2 is THE FOLDABLE PHONE of 2020

  • Totally biased.

  • Don't know anyone who is willing to pay that much is looking at the price... I don't like Samsungs Gap. Moto with glass screen would be the best...

  • O R I G A M I P H O N E S

  • So for the Price of just ONE of these phones I can buy 2 iPhone 11's or 2 Galaxy s10's? WTF? Thanks for the reminder to not but either phone.

  • I love that Samsung continues to give competition to its competitors which pushes the innovation in the industry so we the customers get new things

  • i like razar

  • Galaxy destroyed Moto

  • Hi i'm from south korea. your videos are really honest and impressive.

  • Moto still has a neat folded look tho

  • Imagine downloading drastic and then playing games like it's a ds from the future haha

  • I would choose razer

  • I feel sorry for the people that will be doing screen replacements on these flip phones, no way this will be easy or fun to replace.

  • Wait a minute Apple also made a folding phone back in 2014

  • This guy reminds me Colin from this dose not compute


  • So sad that I don't like the Z Flip design as much as the Razr's... It's so much better on everything else

  • Waiting 4 Xiaomi flip.....

  • The crease is a dealbreaker for me.

  • If i were to get one of these, I would get the Samsung, but I got to say, the Razr looks a lot better aesthetically

  • I would so much rather have a phone that could turn into a tablet simply by folding it out I think it was Huawei but I forgot who made the phone which had two screens so you could use it as a normal phone and as a tablet but I still feel like it's 2 years away if not more before this is viable as an actual everyday product

    • The Samsung Galaxy Fold. (if you dont mind dropping $2k for it)

  • I’m not sure why I thought the thumbnail was a guy pointing two guns at his head.

  • Moto Win!

  • 0:05 When you hear the creak of the Razr's hinge 5 seconds in and know it's instantly over

  • yeah, but the Razr is just sexier and it has just a better design. If I had 1500+ bucks to throw away I'd take the Motorola without thinking twice ;)

  • Good quick comparison but obviously, you haven’t seen Flosses Z-Flip video. The thing opens and closes with one hand perfectly.

  • I like how Dieter turns into Chaim there a few times.

  • Razor is best


  • Man, these guys are leaving Apple in the dust..

    • why do white boys think we care about their opinion?

  • is it too hard to add a button that flips the phone open ? we used to have it ...Remember!

  • I am waiting for Jerry Rig to confirm the glass screen. I am still suspicios about bendable glass

  • Motos design is better though sleek