Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra vs iPhone 11 Pro Max!

Հրապարակվել է 11 Փտր % Yթ.-ին
Full comparison of Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra vs iPhone 11 Pro Max, including camera, battery, specs, features, and price! Giveaway link:
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  • the RAM and camera and everything on the phone are fabulous!!!!! truly an ultra and mega phone!

  • Just get on the point Apple Sucks!!!

  • waiting for iPhone to release iPhone 22

  • this is it....

  • Fantastic review

  • Wow u give us deep details regarding this two brand...thank you a lot

  • S 20 ultra is father of I phone 11 pro max.

  • Q. Why do you need $1000 mobile phones?? A. To do this 06:56 !

  • Haha you can tell this guy is an Apple all the pluses he gives apple but apple does not have 5g yet an the price in asia at this time is $400 more for the iphone x than the s20 ultra...I owned 2 different iPhone's just was notwhit I was looking for. Waiting my S20 ULTRA to arrive.

  • 2010: 16GB storage 2020: 16GB RAM 2030: 16 cameras

  • I bet the ladies drip when you start talking .

  • I am finally going to switch to Samsung from Apple after a decade gap roughly! I am absolutely in love with the S20 series! Dope! Loved your review btw, comparison helped a lot as I was in a big time dilemma. Kudos!! ♥️ Love from Melbourne 🤗

  • The fact that iphone 11 pro max is still comparable to the monstrous s20 ultra makes me wonder what apple can do this year

  • Samsung camera like

  • Would like to request videos for the budget phones. There were times I used to keep changing my cell phone after every new releases with in 6 months to stay updated with the latest technology, that was before under-graduation. Now, I am aware of investing on a device that is really supportive and assist me through my work and maintain the balance with my personal life. I think there are a lot of audiences like me who are fans of watching the fancy new release reviews but never comment about this. There are other phones in the market except Samsung & Huawei Mate, if you think there is please share knowledge about those releases in 2020. Thank you. @Mrwhosetheboss I really appreciate your great effort on each videos

  • Mrwhosetheboss please make S20 ultra vs Huawei mate 20 X Thank you

  • I like its getring thicker

  • I hate it when ram nowadays has more storage than my phone >:(

  • Battery drain test

  • i really like your videos and also like the s20 ultra

  • I bought a couple of months ago a Samsung S10+. I had several system crashes since then. The signal (wifi and gsm) are terrible, the pictures are OK, in good light (like most phones). My next phone will be for sure an iPhone - more stable and reliable.

  • Wait 6 months. You can buy that phone at $800.

  • I wish i could have that S20 ultra for my birthday..i have never had a gift like that..i cant buy it..too expensive..i love the way u explain..very clear..and u handsome too..i love samsung..i wish i have that s20 ultra..the best moment in my life..

  • You don't get the virtual zoom concept of this phone

  • Basically I prefer Samsung S20 ultra because it's amazing dude🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • this is now the end of smart phones,the new gadgets will nolonger be smart but A.I

  • Absolutely amazing phone... Samsung

  • I got an iPhone 7 hook me up

  • That phones 😍

  • ive seen your change quick to ultra in your other vids. why?

  • One thing I've always respected about iPhones is how nice it feels in the really does just feel luxurious..but I'd still rather have a Samsung for just about everything else

  • Im watching this with my iphone 5s xD


  • To save you the time.... Huawei mate 30 wins

  • Haptics haptics haptics!!! I don't like em;)

  • I just wanna put it out there that you can’t even use split screen on the iPhone 11

  • I have the Note 10+ and now that Samsung has taken away the headphone jack, I am less of a fan. I have Bose noise cancelling headphones so I had to buy an adapter to use them with the phone's usb-c jack. And you can't charge the phone and use said headphones at the same time. This makes long flights less enjoyable. I won't ever switch to Apple products, but I'd consider other android brands with comptetive camera features.

  • Its safe to say Samsung Beat apple.

  • Still going strong with my lgv20 lol 😂

  • When a phone has more ram than your pc😥

  • #SamsungMasters

  • Samsung? Yes, impressive phone. But it would take a ton more for me to switch from my Pro Max. I still have nightmares from my 6 months using an S7 some years ago.

  • Ui

  • It's like Tesla vs. Ford

  • Why? Can I ask why do you bother to compare the overrated,over priced, inferior and lame quality iOS and Cameras on the iPhone vs. the master of the universe Samsung?

  • S20 kills crap phone

  • Not S20 plus nor i phone11pro max Best pocox2 In my bugut 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Make a video of s20, s20 plus and s20 ultra battery test

  • I mean the iPhone 11 series is last years model, maybe the “iPhone 12” will surprises us this year

  • I think this time Samsung won

  • I love Samsung phones mostly note 9 and note 10+ since i love Android more than ios Your guy kennedy 😊

  • Is the iPhone screen REALLY as big as they say it is if half of the top of the screen is not there (notch). If I'm paying THAT much money for a phone I'd have to be an idiot to NOT put it in a case so I don't care if it has a matte finish on the back. With a good case the camera bump is irrelevant. Why would you want a heavy phone in your pocket, that doesn't make sense .

  • Does this one burn down your house faster than the old Galaxy phones?

  • These phones are becoming too big

  • Klocek straszny

  • He just said that 8k is 4x the resolution of 4k lol great math

  • infinite GB of Ram and Storage( Alien technology -UFO) in 2040

  • Plz can I have one I commented sub bel and shear so plz

  • I think that Samsung should have centered the camera modules to help minimize the wobble when sitting with screen side up ...

  • Wrong spell for conclusion. :D