Patient with coronavirus speaks out

Հրապարակվել է 11 Փտր % Yթ.-ին
Rebecca Frasure of Forest Grove, Ore., tested positive for the novel coronavirus after two weeks aboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship, currently moored off Yokohama, Japan. She was removed from the ship Friday and taken to hospital in Tokyo.
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  • She look’s better than me😶😂😂

  • Why go on a fukn cruise ship at a time like this



  • It takes a while.. she may get more sick?

  • lol the interviewer was disappointed she wanted a gory story NOT that she felt fine & asymptomatic

  • Corona virus is a drill. The drills are a money grab. 2.5 billion to the CDC! Wake up people!

  • Praying for you and everyone Rebecca. Feel better.

  • This smells of bullsh🦠t.

  • This is the person that gets always best for herself and destroys all around 😅

  • This is weird. She's too chipper and sounds scripted.

  • Does she have the Hershey Squirts?

  • Feels well today, DEAD tomorrow..



  • She is a young healthy woman. Most healthy young healthy people won’t even get the flu.

  • Any updates on her condition ?

  • Maybe the virus killed her brain cells, and took her proper English away

  • Is she still alive ?

  • this interview sounds really off, I can clearly hear that her Nasal passages are blocked. Not sure why the patient said that she had no symptoms.... People need to know what they are. The most pointless interview!

  • She the one who don’t cover her month and get everyone sick

  • That room seems so strange to a room hospital. 🙈 (sorry about my English)

  • I would have liked to have heard more in-depth, important questions asked that would provide more details.

  • And many r testing false Neg !!!!!! WTF ?!?!??!?!!!!

  • Wtf !!!! It’s a symptomatic over 2 weeks !!!! Wtf is wrong with u people ?!?!?!???

  • The doctors told her she is Aladeem....

  • Another symptom of the virus is saying everything like it's a question? Like with and upwards inflection? Like this?

  • Wonder if the test was a false positive.

  • Except when Japan sent everyone off that boat that doesn’t mean they won’t eat positive after being let off and I’m glad this lady had mild symptoms at the time . Was there a follow up with her and her husband ?

  • Nature found a way to fight back for our cruelty God help us all

  • the doctors probably slipped antiviral medications in her food

  • This video is BS lies-interview a real person who has the virus 🦠 waste of time to watch-this is BS!

  • She does not look sickly at all-she probably just had the common flu or cold-this is not the virus 🦠 so lies or what?

  • Send her to China 🇨🇳

  • 😢😢😢🌷🌷🌷

  • She took a root in Taiwan with a cough!!!

  • Wish you a speedy recovery from Tehran. We are dealing with this national emergency too and it’s is so distressing and unsettling to say the least.

  • Eyes where moving left to right like she was reading a script.

    • Yes she is lying

  • 14 days.... it must be 24 to 30 days...

  • A super-spreader who doesn't understand how voice inflection works.

  • People are believing this propaganda? Pandemics create fear, fear creates demand for their vax, always an agenda!

  • This has been an outbreak since december. Not a word. Now the World is hit by that... so... gubberments wanted it to spread or, it is a hoax like ebola was

  • Any hope she had this reporter just crushed everything she said. Yes my husband is well and still on the ship doing good not infected. (Reporter) yes and we hear people on the ship are still catching the virus) this woman is cold.

  • This interview doesn't seem informative at all lol.

  • False Positive. Propaganda !

  • Sounds like a false positive to me!

  • Bless u. Stay strong Rebecca

  • is her name Rebecca ?

  • How do you get rid of over 2 million protesters in Hong Kong, while maintaining plausible deniability? Release a man made Virus. By the way the Corona Virus was created at an American University and sold to China. Hong Kong is a Ghost town now!

  • LMAO what a Typical Lie of a news "Story" This woman is a complete liar IMO.

  • Actor!!

  • I'm in London and have a dry cough and headache but very mild and no fever. The nhs said to just continue life as normal as I hadn't travelled or been in contact with a person diagnosed with the coronavirus. But I'm still deciding to self quarantine as there could be so many unconfirmed cases that I could have caught it from.

  • Everything about this virus is suspicious. Personally I have a strong suspicion that this virus was man made, by the China government, for what ever reason that may be, but probably population control. First they blame animals and pets so they start killing the animals in the most inhuman way, then blame it on meat products, but they r prob the ones who created this virus, and continue to lie about the facts regulating the number of cases and deaths. What’s crazy, is that the world finally will see how he Chinese government ACTUALLY treat their people. EVERYONE SEEMS TO Have A BLIND EYE WHEN IT COMES TO CHINA, it’s disgusting how they treat people over their. Go look at the REAL coronavirus videos published by journalists, who coincidentally disappeared after speaking out.

  • It doesn't get severe until 7 days after the fever begins. What day is it for her?

  • She’s lying because ........

  • You sound congested though

  • Intetesting that she is not wearing a hospital gown.

  • take a loss lmao jkjk

  • Show me actual test results.a lot of this seems like a hoax. I don't see any type of testing or test results that are qualify to distinguish a coronavirus from any other kind of virus or infection or bacteria.

  • This lady does not have the coronavirus lol she would be sick as heck. Something does add up