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  • I’m soooo unhappy! So basically your currently selling a dupe for your original palette. I might as well of went to eBay!! Thanks for nothing...done!!

  • Where have you been since you released your pallet. Seems to me like your going back into your hole.

  • See it’s been 2 weeks and no video. You do only post to sell us stuff

  • I bought this pallet and it is amazballs. GO JACLYN GO!!!!!!!

  • I just ordered mine I'm excited

  • Just bought mine at Ulta today, so excited to use it!

  • Hello JaCklyn I am sorry for everything you going through, I really don’t want add more on you On 10/8/2019 I ordered from Morphe your ultimate brush set where I paid $165 for them And couple dats ago I notice the my brushes are Falling apart , I send video and email to Morphe nobody respond so I called them , They said sorry it’s after the 30 days warranty It’s not right if I am going to pay this much from brushes they should last longer then 3 months Basically they telling me ever 3 months I have to pay $165 ever 3 months for new brushes , that is not Fair I work my ass off like you do for my money , when I pay $165 for brushes I want good long lasting brushes , is there anything you can do or help me with this situation, I am very upset about this and I have ocd I can’t keep or look at something is not right, or broken I am having major Anxiety over this

  • wow Wow sexxy Beautiful Queen AMtorrent worthy of follow-up like like

  • Soooo... I thought you were going to put out more content and not only come on AMtorrent when you have a launch? You want us to have faith and trust in you again. Not a good start...👎

  • Where are you??????

  • Yeah i woulnt trust that shit after the lipstickd

  • Jaclyn I need just a simple makeup tutorial please ive binged almost all your videos! Come on just forget all the other BS and just do a makeup tutorial for us!❤

  • Pls protest against Indian government they are killing and touching Muslims people

  • Go watch Jen Luvs Reviews. This is all a joke.

  • say that this formula is "your" formula and that your 1st and 2nd palettes have your formula. Can you explain why there was a formula change from the older palette (palette 1) to the newer palettes? Can you also let us know why you decided to use the same formula in the vault palette in your 2nd palette? Again, you told us that this was your special formula, however, there appears to be several different formulas throughout the original 1st palettes, newer 1st palettes, and your 2nd palettes. Also, can you explain why you started using carmine in your formulas?

  • Can we have a tutorial soon auntie Jacs!?!?! Xoxo

  • Can we have a tutorial soon auntie Jacs!?!?! Xoxo

  • If she can't...why is she even trying ?

  • This is the same formula as your 2017 pallete?

    • schwaghag ok thank you

    • No she's lying and saying it is. Watch Jen Loves Reviews.

  • You seem a lot happier now.

  • “I don’t come on here just to sell something” hasn’t posted a video in weeks since she sold her palette to us 🙄

    • Vanessa Fajardo still waiting on the brush video she mentioned

  • Any videos from you anymore that aren't sales pitches?? Boring.

  • Jaclyn....COME ON..... this is NOT the same formula, Just be honest!!

  • Jaclyn needs to stop telling pity stories. Notice how she makes a video every time she needs to sell whatever makeup she has to sell! Also, she does undisclosed sponsorships ever since she started her channel.

    • Jordan White then I guess her manipulative ways work that’s what she wants for people to feel bad for her

    • I've noticed that too but I do feel bad for her

  • Go watch Jen Luvs reviews about this...

  • Is she going to comment on the formula change?? From Jen Luvs Reviews video? We need answers, please and thank you 😊

    • S.Nicole Please you know she won't. And if she does she'll just lie.

  • I like This palette allot more than the first the colors are beautiful I just wish it had some greens cus pink and green goes so good together good job Jaclyn 🌺🌸🌷🌹🌼🍀🌻

  • Why did Morphe change from your formula to their own formula in your 1st palette??? It's no longer like it originally was & that's disappointing. I don't think you knew about Morphe changing the formula after they sold it with your own original formula. Some of the colors are actually like some in the Vault. Check out JenLuvsReviews video. She shows ib great detail the original formula & what it is now. Im sure Morphe did it to save money but that's ridiculous! I hope they don't change this formula.

  • Would be nice if you posted another video before the end of the month... Would help people not think you only post to sell products.

  • wtf happened to her face??? looking like amanda bynes now

  • god you people are so mean , it’s makeup !!!! This should be so fun not so critical 😓 love you Jac❤️

  • Her face look like it's about to blow up

  • I bought your pallet now I need you to do some looks gurl 😭😍

  • Jesus


  • I just watched Jen's reviews going so much in debth about formulas that Alta sell that she's been in collaboration with, seems companys in my view have used her in many ways and she gets the blunt of there mistakes / corner cuts ..🤔 maybe the anxiety of what's been put out there she literally can't make another video just like when people can't leave there home every day or make phone calls they literally freeze with fear but I think she does try and make videos when she can .. fear / trauma / PTSD/ anxiety is so real for that person in that moment, it's not that one makes excuses the fear is real and shes a human being and shed made the first step in releasing this video now she needs to make more videos I'm sure she wants to but give her time I see her trying and I don't even know about her much , people with that much pressure and anxiety and still trying to carry on should be maybe looked at as brave and it's ok not to be ok and the fast talk is nerves also , but me personally I give her A+ for effort and balls .. this thing called life is always testing us. Some say the broken are the more evolved plus haters are definitely confused admirers 👍 #BEKIND

  • Her face looks like it's about to burst ..

  • She's lying about this being her original formula. Check out @Jen Luvs Reviews. Girlll is lying to us again.

    • schwaghag what’s new can’t believe people still buy the bull she sells

  • Sad to say but I will be amazed if I see another video from her in the next three months. I expect the next one to be for her makeup brands new spring launch. Let’s wait and see shall we.

  • Beautiful energy ❤️😘

  • Jaclyn is stunning

  • Does it have hair stuck on it like your lipsticks

  • I guess her next video will be promoting her new brushes 💵💵💵 I guess she’s anxious AGAIN‼️🤨🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥

  • I have purchased 3 of the 1st palette ashes when they arrived they are close but all different. How can I tell what's a knock off???? I think ppl selling fakes should be arrested

  • Hi please can you do some back to basic videos and cool. New eye looks.

  • Hey girrrlllll!!! :) question do you know if your entire brush collection with morphe will ever restock( the ones you made) ?

  • She literally came back to AMtorrent just a week before revealing her new eyeshadow palette talking about all this bs !! Obviously ... you just post videos whenever you’re having a launch !! 🙄 let’s see how long it takes for her to post another video ..

    • EmilyUnicorn ...well figure it out lol

    • I can’t decide if this is a commemt against or for her ?

    • I was just wandering the same thing. She's not in a good place right now and hope she will find herself again.

  • Jacklin I love u so much.... ur simply awsome human being ur my idol ur so strong ur best person I have seen in my life.... love from India

  • Are you going to be doing more looks with your palette?

  • i bought your palette at ulta thinking it was volume 2 (cause of the outside packaging), turns out it was the original. so now i have two haha totally my fault :P

  • Girl why didn’t you just use your other arm 😂

  • I hate seeing her videos because now i'm going to buy it

  • This is genuine critique: if she doesn’t enjoy this life or doesn’t want to commit to the AMtorrent videos except when it’s for products then maybe this is now the wrong career right? Like fans want to support her but she is always disappearing and then “buy my stuff” then things go wrong

    • It seems like she's only ever posting when she needs to sell a product

    • I was really hoping, we will get more videos now, but of course, she ghost us again... i am so angry of myself, because i bought her things...

  • Congratulations this palette is absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to get my hands on it, hopefully very very soon ...

  • I want to have this pallette , and the other one . Love the red warm color on it 🥀🌹

  • I bet she is also a dude

  • I would love to see you do a rose gold look with your new palette


  • I love your palette

  • Your all makeup like coronovirus