Melanie Martinez - Copy Cat (feat. Tierra Whack) [Official Audio]

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  • I like this

  • I feel like tierra did really good in this and no ones talking about it, anyone else?

  • ah, beautiful-

  • everyone: some drama about the comments me: THE BEAT DROP IS JUST AKDJSKD 💞

  • This song is wayy better than the billie elish one i love you🖤🥀

  • tierra whack kinda slapped (so did melanie but)

  • Billie doesn’t own the word “copycat” so damn chill Billie didn’t copy Mel or Mel didn’t copy her.So shut up sksksksksksksks

  • this is beautiful song

  • Ceo khe soy la unica peruana khe sabe ingles y sabe cantar bien las canciones de melanie martinez :u

  • I love Billie and I love Melanie they are totally different songs they just have the same name (I noticed that Billie is “COPYCAT” and melanies is just normal “copy cat”)

  • Yes

  • Omg leave Melanie alone she did not copy Billie

  • I thought I was losing my fucking mind when I noticed the background moving😹

  • Billie Eilish: “Alexa play COPYCAT” Alexa: *plays copy cat* Billie: “what is this? I asked for COPYCAT” Melanie: “that’s copy cat” I love both💖

  • Why is no one looking inside the eye u can see wood and grass and trees 🌲 🌳 they must be at a forest

  • Wow she copied Billie Is that what you guys want

  • Aí love you melani Martinez

  • 1% of the comments: omG she copIEd billIe 30% of the comments: guys she didnt copy billie 50% of the comments: i cant see any comments saying she copied billie 6% of the comments: this unoriginal thing that you see basically everywhere 13%: other

  • I don’t see a single comment saying she copied Billie so wth are y’all talking about?

  • BEST PART 😍 0:00-3:53

  • idk if this is true, but whoever is saying melanie is copying billie that's not true, just because she has the same title as billies song doesn't mean anything, the lyrics nor the melody sound the same please grow up whoever said that.

  • First time listening to Melanie Martinez because of Tierra Whack 💖 I love this song 💖


  • This song legit sounds so different from billies I don’t even understand-

  • I love melanie and billie alike but I listen more to melanie and for a long time

  • When it says "but I know the people around you say-" you can hear whispers by both of your ears, that it makes us the copycat (we are the copycat and crybaby is singing this to us)

  • this song is amazing like holy hell

  • eu sou o comentário em português que você tava procurando. melhor você curtir antes que o comentário se perca para sempre :(.

  • Real talk, I love how... I dunno, distorted(?) Melanie's voice is in this.

  • I’m still waiting for Fire Drill....

  • I really want to see an official music video on this its such an amazing song and she is not copying Billie she clearly made it her own unique song like how she always makes such amazing songs. Melanie Martinez is literally my favorite singer I love her so much and I been a fan of her for so long! Keep up this amazing work Melanie!! -Angel

  • that cat freaks me out

  • Tierra whack yassssss

  • UwU

  • "you copied Melanie!" Honey, Melanie may not even know about Billie, does she pay shame on credit or debit?

    • Trixie LuvCat Fnaf:3 do you mean “you copied billie!”

  • Ill

  • In the cats eyes I see a forest

  • *UaU mUiTo LoUcO*

  • Cat mouse cheese = *nice calm logical fact*

  • She did not copy billie eillish i heard more songs called copy cat and it deos not matter by the name.

  • Melanie plz take a break honey

  • copying peoples comments 3 minutes and 53 seconds straight

  • Billie: Co. Melanie Martinez:Copy cat!

  • Why is it so satisfying when Mel says “Feminista”?

  • Soy yo o le copio el título a billie :V?

    • de hecho, a pesar de que el insulto sobra, es estúpido preguntar si le copió o no a Billie porque hay mil canciones con el nombre copycat xd, en ese caso, Billie también le copió el nombre de su canción a otra persona

    • @diana art perdón unu

    • @•ice to cream kun• :V oie eso es un insulto para mi solo hice una pregunta amigo no es para que vengas y me digas estupida 🙄

    • No seas estúpida ._.,es solo una palabra,las canciones son muy diferentes y está escrito diferente xd


  • "she copied billie" me: she literally exsisted before billie shut up

  • Don’t say she copied billi eyelash because the songs have to different topics and this one was way better because Tierra destroyed that rap part ok

  • wait, do i smell beef with billie jkjkjk

  • Billie copies Melanie’s songs aesthetic

  • Arte 🖼💖

  • damn i gotta check out tierra 😍

  • fEmInIsTa step on me, melanie

  • I love your music 💞

  • Melanie Martinez has great music ideas but Billie Eilish did it first

  • All her new shit sounds the same . . .

  • i love this song so much but i literally cant listen to this when my cats are not sleeping

  • Te copiaste de billie eilish el titulo

    • hay mil canciones con el mismo título, no le copió a billie

  • Not bad I don't really like it can you sing about love but then have to kill the guy because he kills and he's a vampire