THE THIRD WHEEL - Merrell Twins

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Being the Third Wheel is the WORST!
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  • Have you ever been a third wheel?😭

    • No but this was so funny.. Love you guys so much.. Reply??

    • No but someone had third wheeled me

    • I am now, we’ll not exactly now, but my best friends are in a relationship and I’m the only one who is single so this is great I’m always the third wheel that’s chill 🤦‍♀️

    • @Rune Pettersen 𝓊𝓇 𝓈𝓉𝓊𝓅𝒾𝒹

    • Only as chaperone...

  • This cheered me up on Valentine's Day

  • No.

  • What the heck did I just watch haha

  • I just knew from the beginning that she wasn't Pika

  • I was a third wheel once....on my own date. That was fun 🙃

  • I'm always a third wheel lol

  • At 10:52 Aaron said"She's dating her self Me so am I bc i'm gonna be single forever

  • Hi merrell twins when is the next video today

  • Piccasso sounds like Billie Eilish 😍💞

  • why just alex

  • Spaghetti is the only thing on the menu.. Later: Here is your salad and chocolate cake🤣

  • I love these girls =)

  • Sorry nessa

  • Roni and nessa are so funny.. I love them

  • Why did Nessa edit another of her self for Picasso when she can just use Roni? 15:24

  • How old are you and Vanessa

  • piccasso is roni? r

  • haha Dustin „Oh ma god!?“

  • "Have you been a third wheel? Me: So many times, and i hate it

  • you should make a Picasso channel

  • Can you guys please do a Q&A video

  • Ughhhh aaron and roni are so cutee

  • Nasty

  • 2:23 anybody notice how only Roni and Aaron clinked on to love. Was it just me that noticed that...

  • i know this was gonna happen😂😂💀

  • E

  • I knew that was gonna happen at the end.

  • I feel like pressco was slex but he couldn't come because he is making a music video with anorther girl

  • i love you guys! i told all of my friends about you guys!

  • Where is vanessa boyfriend from twin my heart

  • you know how long we have just been trying to tell you to date noah nessa just pls do it and roni i think you need to date rhino like so they can see pls make it happen👏👏

  • This was so funny I loved it very good video to watch

  • 2:42 the video turned into asmr...... 🤣🤣🤣

  • Has anyone ever been a 3rd wheel in a video game? Fricken sucks, I can relate on every level.

  • I have never been the third weel

  • No

  • I 😍 your vids

  • 800 likes and I tell my crush I like him ! My friend likes him to and doesn't know... Good luck 😁🤞

  • this is my favorite video

  • Merrell twins I love you plz can you put me in your video I’ve watched you for 6 years

  • when I am bigger I will not Third wheel ANYBODY

  • the Merrell twins are gauy they sick

  • *should i take the salad away from the person who doesn't exist?*

  • pikas kinda cute ngl...

  • Nessa: I’ve had an upset stomach and Picas also had an upset stomach Me: how do you know

  • Some how u guys always get Pokémon in ur skits lol😂😂

  • 13:39 she says pico supposed to be pica

  • Did anyone else notice that the painting had tape on the rude parts.😀

  • we need some help with making some skits we're new in the you tube business and my friends a big fan so we need some help thanks

  • Me tho

  • "We only have spaghetti on the menu" Brings up salad desert and bread sticks Me: well, it is 2020. Don't be weirded out

  • Vanessa looks sooo pretty here. And Roni looks cute with that dress

  • What a great ending...👍👍🤣

  • If you ever date a man named Picasso Valentino he will never show up so LEAVE, AS FAST AS YOU CAN!!!!!!!!

  • Roni tells Arron take your fork

  • This is fake

  • Why is she in front of veronicas boyfriend, that's literally declaring something else

  • The second hand embarassment is strong with this one!

  • I’m always the third wheel 🥺 like if u are too